Some thoughts for a Thursday (Liner notes from a Stevie Wonder album)

From Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants 

“Each life has its own beat,
moving through space
at its own pace,
standing still for no one,
and yet you,
as if not caring,
though knowing how precious
it was to you,
gave to me selflessly,
life’s most priceless possession,
your time. 
It is only my wish
that you feel your time
not to have been given 
in vain. 
For waiting is not
what I meant for you –
but to share with me
the images of life
that God has sent me through –
and if this life affords me 
the chance to share with you
the new 
and hidden knowledge,
through song,
I will move as swiftly
as life demands –
but never so fast
as not to give you

my very best.”  
                               –Stevland Morris 


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